Welcome... to 1984

The internet is one of the best things humanity has ever created, but also the worse. It has given us freedoms, but at the same time it has taken our most important one: privacy.

I could continue if I wanted, but the list is almost infinite.

So what can you do now? Well, you could follow this reduced guide which contains some changes you should start doing rigth now, but the best you can do is to investigate by yourself. Downloading a list of "private" apps will not protect you against surveillance, but learning and judging yourself who should be trusted with your data and who you should better avoid is the real goal.
That knowledge is only a few clicks away, just go and search in searx or the searching engine of your preference.

And that is the goal of this website: A collection of other sites with privacy and/or freedom in mind which I happened to find during my own research. I would be happy to add any website you may find if you contact me.

Fight for your freedom.

Websites will be added soon. Last update 26/04/19

Contact: marsan27@tutanota.com